Survey and analysis of civil, electrical and telecommunications related pole and equipment infrastructure.
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Safety first

The safety of our employees is paramount to us, as they are part of the TDS Inspection family and they are directly responsible for the good reputation of the company.

Respect for our customers

Our customers are the focus of our daily concerns. We do everything we can to meet the agreed deadlines and provide quality service at all times.

Respect the environment

Aware of the damage to the environment will negatively affect future generations, our inspection methods comply with current environmental standards.

Our offer

Surveys and analysis of the infrastructure of poles and related equipment civil, electrical and telecommunications.

TDS inspection

Created in 2004, we specialize in the structural inspection of utility company poles. Over the years, we have added GPS reading survey and pole head repairs for power stations.

We regularly obtain inspection or subcontracted inspection contracts from other inspection or telecom firms or more directly with network owners.

Since 2018, we have added a telecom division to our service offering.


We are always looking for candidates for telecom surveys and pole inspections.

You can send your resume to

[email protected]